Refactoring outdated terminology with Chameleon

In this article you will learn how to refactor outdated terminology with the Chameleon plugin for the IntelliJ Platform.


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How to refactor outdated terminology with Chameleon

Chameleon aims to help you with refactoring of outdated terminology that would take considerable time using a traditional refactoring approach due to the sheer number of occurrences (at least hundreds). With Chameleon you refactor undesired terminology as it crosses your path in your day-to-day work.

Within a file with Chameleon will highlight outdated terminology by striking through the definition of these terms:

"Example occurrence of an outdated term in PyCharm"

Chameleon will inform you about the violation when you move your mouse over the occurrence.

"Example occurrence of an outdated term with violation information in PyCharm"

Refactor the outdated term by clicking on Legacy Rename (or + + ). A list of suggested names will be displayed to choose from. Use your keyboard arrows or mouse to select the preferred option.

"Example occurrence of Legacy Rename in PyCharm"

It is also possible to trigger the Legacy Rename operation by clicking on the lightbulb on the left side of a selected symbol.

"Example occurrence of Lightbulb in PyCharm"

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