Installation of the Chameleon plugin for the IntelliJ Platform

In this article you will learn how to install the Chameleon plugin for the IntelliJ Platform.


You need:

How to install

The release that was distributed to you can be installed as follows:

  1. Open the Preferences panel.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins section in the left column.

    "Preference pane in PyCharm"

  3. Open plugin setting by clicking on the ⚙️ to the right of Marketplace and Installed. Select the option: Install Plugin from Disk…

    "Install Plugin from Disk... option in PyCharm"

  4. Navigate to the distributed release of Chameleon on your local file system and click Open.
  5. Accept the Third-Party Plugin Privacy Notice. Chameleon understands that your source code is yours, no information ever leaves your system. Read our Privacy Statement for further clarification.

    "Third-Party Plugin Privacy Notice in PyCharm"

Next actions

Now that the plugin is installed on your machine, it is time to start using it.

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